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Want to Join Our Winning Team?

At Sharp Lines Painting, we strive for quality & safety. It requires a different attitude than what is often the norm in the painting world and it takes a commitment from each person that works at Sharp Lines Painting to always do the best work possible. 

Everyone on the Sharp Lines Painting team is committed to our company philosophy to deliver a product and service that exceeds our customer’s expectations, every time. This commitment demands that you are professional, proficient and polite at all times. It means you adhere to Sharp Lines Painting code of conduct and safety protocol. It means you respect a customer’s home and take the upmost care when working in it.

We don’t smoke. We aren’t late and we do what we say we are going to do.

Most of all it means you always work to a higher standard. Instead of asking “is this good enough?” you ask “is this the best it can be done?”.

Sound like your mindset?

If so, and you are interested in being part of our growing and successful company with a reputation for excellence we would be interested in meeting you. We have openings for qualified professional painters for both exterior and interior work.

Apply below.

Open Positions: 

Please read our Code of Conduct before applying to any positions. (If a link does not work, please email us.)




Our Code

The Sharp Lines Painting code of conduct is a set of protocols followed by all members of the Sharp Lines Painting team. It’s the standard we work at on all our jobs, regardless of the size of the project.

Safety Comes First

  • If you do not understand your task or the equipment, ask for clarification before proceeding.

  • Posted rules of safety and conduct on a job site must be adhered to at all times.

  • You are required to complete a site and safety orientation before working on any construction site. You are required to read, understand, sign and comply with Sharp Lines Painting's safety protocol and have a written copy of this protocol with you every day.

  • CSA approved hard hats and footwear must be worn on construction job sites. Soft soled, no scuff shoes are required to be worn when working inside a house.

  • If you see, smell or hear something that appears unsafe, immediately report it to your Crew Leader.

  • Always practice safe ladder use.

  • Report ANY incidents or injuries immediately to your Crew Leader.

Respect the Customer and Their Property

  • You are expected to uphold the “Five Minute Rule,” i.e. call your customer, supervisor, or co-worker if you are going to be late, a minimum of five minutes prior to the appointment/start time.

  • Limit personal cell phone use to emergencies only while working.

  • We are a non smoking company. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside or outside any home or in any yard, parking lot or any any commercial property at any time during work hours. If you choose to smoke during your lunch break, you must do this out of sight of customers and their property and remove any company uniform. Smelling like smoke will not be tolerated.

  • No food or drink (other than water) inside any home or building including garages and basements. You may take your break and eat your lunch in a designated area that will be determined by the Crew Leader.

  • Your supervisor will let you know the location of restroom you may use.

  • Drop cloths and other protective measures must be used at all times.

  • You must work clean at all times. Keep a clean workspace throughout the day.

  • Work dust free whenever possible.

  • You must clean up all materials and supplies at the end of each day. NO exceptions.

  • Report ANY trade damage immediately to the Crew Leader.

  • No music or radios allowed. No earbuds or headphones.

  • Work quietly and respectfully when in or around a customer’s home. You are a guest.

Take Pride in Your Work and Your Profession

  • Be reliable. Present a good work ethic, high integrity and be drug free.

  • Work cleanly and maintain a clean and tidy work area.

  • Sharp Lines Painting issued shirts and clean painter pants must be worn. You must be presentable and clean when you come to a job site and adhere to the Company’s dress code.

  • You must be on time every day, prepared for all weather conditions and ready to work.

  • You must be professional, proficient and polite, at all times. No swearing, yelling, or other inappropriate conduct.

  • There is a 1/2 hour mandatory lunch break. You are expected to bring your own lunch. Bring water and sun screen for hot days. Bring appropriate outerwear if working outside.

  • Have your basics tools with you. If you need any tools, ask the Crew Leader. Return all borrowed tools to the rightful owners. Do not borrow tools from other trades or homeowners.

  • Handle company equipment and tools with respect and care. Clean all equipment after use and return to the shop in the same condition as it left.

  • It is your responsibility to keep busy throughout the day. When you need something else to do, ask your Crew Leader or supervisor.

  • Quality Control starts with you. Before completing a task, review your work, check for deficiencies and address them immediately.

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