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The Importance of Time in House Painting

In the world of renovation, there always seems to be a shortage of time – trying to fit several trades into the same timeframe of a project, delays in material sourcing and scheduling, and simply pressure to get things done and return to normal living. But there is no question that rushing has a toll on the end product, and this is certainly true in house painting.

Recent years have seem the rise of painting companies that seem to put speed ahead of quality. Notably, the painting firm that boast of being able to do most painting jobs in just 1 day (you can probably guess their name). But there are many reasons that make this emphasis on speed a bad idea.

The products that painters use all take time to dry. This includes patching compounds as well as primers and paints. If you have a project requiring preparation, then there can sometimes be 4 or more steps involved in finishing a surface – with each step requiring time to set properly. In order to get a professional finish, several days may be necessary. This is especially true in the case of significant wall repair. The painters that try to rush the job are often overlooking steps, or just speeding through them as the expense of the finished product.

Another important aspect is simply the attention to detail that is lost when the job is done in a short period. It is too easy to just gloss over the details, and the customer doesn’t have time to notice. This can include anything from checking that colors and finishes are accurate, that there is no paint splatter where it shouldn’t be, or if fixtures/furniture have been replaced correctly.

Even worse, the companies that work fast require many workers, which means they hire in plenty and with lower standards. And any painter worth his salt knows that it’s not beneficial to brute force through projects. For most residential painting jobs, the ideal team is 2-4 skilled painters; much more than that and they just start getting in each other's way, and compromising the quality of the job.

As a homeowner, you should avoid the ‘fast’ companies, and instead focus on those that emphasize quality. At Sharp Lines Painting, our promise to you is to always do a professional job in a timely manner, with a quality and exceptionally well trained team. Call us to get a free estimate today!

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