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Should My Painter Have Insurance?

Painting is one of those things, that typically goes smooth. Nothing crazy is expected from painting your room blue. But that is what insurance takes care of: The unexpected. Whether it's a gallon of paint that spills onto your new carpets or an electrical fire happens when turning on the light switch, no one can predict the future and insurance is a must when hiring a painter or a painting company. The best part? The insured companies are usually more professional, have more quality workers and stick to their contracts. It also should not cost an arm and a leg to get an insured company vs. a non-insured one, typically a premium costs $1000 a year so expect to pay $5-10 more per day only for the peace of mind, depending on your market of course. Make sure to ask for a certificate of insurance (COI) if the company did not provide one, as well as a clearance letter for WCB.

Bottom line is, always get insured trades workers, whether it is a painter, electrician or plumber. Here at Sharp Lines Painting, we are fully insured for 3rd party commercial liability up to $2,000,000 and Unlimited Workman's Compensation.

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